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Fluoro resin Fluoro-resin products, Application for Wear-proof nature, heat resistance and dirt adhesion prevention
Silicon resin Silicone resin products, Application for airtightness, insulation and pliability
Rust prevent coating spray Surface coating spray for rust prevent
Room temperature black color coating spray Room tempreture black coating splay. Both ckemical applycation and coating can probive.
Metal protect spray Protect for metal products under transportation, when you need remove the coating, very easy to remove by hand.
Weld chemical product Improvement in workability on welding condition.
Tapping Oil for cutting jig Improvement in workability of cutting
lubrication spray for high temperature conditions Removal and lubricous in the conditions of high temperature and high weight
lubrication spray lubrication oil for many application
Oil cleaning spray Clean up for oil and grease at metal surface
Gas leak check spray confirm for gas leak from outside
Static electricity eliminate spray eliminate spray for static electricity
Electromagnetic wave shield spray shield coating for Electromagnetic wave
fiber vanish spray Set and automatically vanish for fiber
Seal removal spray easy to remove for seal.
Dust shoot spray strongly shoot for dust at gap by high pressure gas
Fast cooling spray cooling down under for-50 degree at surface temperature for a moment.
Adiabatic spray Heat insulation processing for Heat-resistant at any form